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About us:

The KIER was founded as a response to the rapid development of the small-scale electricity generation industry and to meet the growing demand for experts in that particular field.

Our team consists not only of the world-class experts, but more importantly of people with practical experience and enthusiasm, amongst which are lawyers, financiers, economists and engineers.

The KIER provides comprehensive services regarding business consulting for energy companies as well as analysis of legal acts commissioned by public sector units.

Energy Industry:

Energy Industry, which throughout the years was developed in a centralised scheme is slowly beginning to transform itself, and relatively small sources are beginning to mean more in the energy sectors of highly-developed countries. Small and medium sized companies are forced to compete with the sizeable consortiums which have line up of engineers, lawyers and economists at their dispose. The KIER provides the access to the professional knowledge for smaller companies, which is in line with our main goal - dynamizing growth of the distributed generation.

Putting together the multidisciplinary team of experts qualified for consulting in wide range of energy industry-related issues, provides you and your company with reliable, coherent and made to measure council service.

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The Management Board of Institute:

Chairman of the Board Arnold Rabiega

Lawyer, expert in the field of energy sector regulations, inventor and co-founder of the „Spółdzielnia Nasza Energia” - the first co-operative in Poland executing a project of the biggest autonomous energy region in Europe that uses renewable energy sources.

He gathered experience by consulting and co-operating with The Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Economy, The Energy Regulatory Office and many companies from Poland and Europe.

He is an author of many publications regarding the energy sector. He also made numerous appearances as an expert at a number of international conferences about energy-related issues, such as The European Economic Forum, The POL-ECO-SYSTEM fair RESCoop in Cracow, Energy Region 2014 and many more.

Currently a free mover at a PhD studies the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw